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What is the ideal size of the grow bag?

It depends on the crop you wish to grow you can see the details from the table given below

Size Dimension Use
Small 20x16x16 Cm Coriander, mint, flower plant like rose, etc
Medium 35x20x20 Cm Vegetables and plants above
Large 40x24x24 Cm Bush pepper, turmeric, ginger and all plants above
Extra Large 60x34x20 Cm Cauliflower, Cabbage, Potato, cassava, and all above plants
Super Large 60x36x24 Cm All the above plants

Can I make my own grow bags?

Yes, you can make your own grow bags with a plastic sacks or material like that if it is available. But it is better to use the grow bags for growing vegetable because it is specially designed with a dark inner layer which simulates natural growing condition.


What should be the criteria for the selection of grow bags for vegetable farming?

A grow bag used for vegetable farming should have two layers outer white and inner dark layer. Outer white layer will reflect the sunlight and thereby reduce the temperature in the bag. The inner dark layer will prevent the sunlight entry into the root zone and will create natural growing condition. Now days grow bags are coming in different colours in the case of vegetable farming it is better to use the white bags with inner black layers.


What vegetables can be grown in grow bags?

Any vegetables can be grown but it is preferred to grow bushy and short plants rather than climbers like pumpkin


How many plants can I put in one grow bag?

It depends on the type of vegetable used for growing generally prefer to plant one in each bags ( eg. tomato, okra, chilies) but in the case of green leafy vegetables it can be multiple numbers ( eg. coriander leaf, mint, etc. )


Is it possible to grow climbing like bitter gourd, pumpkin, etc.?

Yes you can but you have to provide stakes and suitable structures for its tendrils to climb on and grow.


Should I put drainage holes in grow bags?

 Grow bags come with a drainage hole, if bags do not have a hole you can make with the tip of a knife.