How to Grow Anthurium

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How to Grow Anthurium

Anthurium is one of the most sought-after flowers which grow in tropical climates. It has high demand in the international flower market because of this it is one of the commercially farmed flowers. It is grown for both flowers and foliage. There are more than 500 species and several varieties

Anthurium grown for flowers – Anthurium andreanum, Anthurium scherzerianum, Anthurium watermaliense

Anthurium grown for foliage – Anthurium clarinervium, Anthurium hookeri


Popular varieties which come up in the tropical area are Lima white, Cuba, Agnihothri, Liver red, Can Can, Nitta, Sunburst, Linda-de-Mol. Tinora, Acroplics, Gino Orange, and Midori

Factors to consider for growing

  • Temperature -20℃ to 35℃ it needs more or less tropical temperature range
  • Light- No direct sunlight, and need shade, it prefers 65 to 80 percent shade. More sunlight can burn the leaves and turn them yellow or brown. If there is not enough light, growth will be affected
  • Relative humidity -80% RH is ideal for growth. Misting or Sprinkler irrigation is ideal for keeping high RH

Anthurium Pink


Anthurium White


Anthurium Red


Anthurium Clarinervium


Anthurium Red

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Anthurium is multiplied by seed and vegetative method by stem cutting or by separation of basal sprouts or suckers. Suckers are separated from the flowering plants as and when available and planted in the medium.

Cutting the thick main stem into 3-4 cm long discs and then into vertical bits can also be done each bit should have a minimum of two lateral buds, Cut-pieces are treated with a fungicide solution and planted on a medium of clean river sand, cutting will take 1-2 months for sprouting.

Propagation by seed is not recommended as a commercial propagation method as it results in high variability. Seed propagation is used for the production of new varieties by breeders.

Seedlings and sprouted cuttings of 5 to 10 cm height are transferred to the main field or pots. Planting in pots is preferred in the plains. Cultivation in beds is good at higher altitudes ie above 1000 MSL a loose medium above the ground is suitable for Anthurium.

Terracotta pots are best for growing anthurium, compare to plastic pots, they should have enough drainage holes. Media used for growing is an important factor that affects the growth of the plant. It should not hold water, it should be drained without water logging. The base of the pot is filled with pieces of tiles or pieces of stones followed by filling it with river sand over that, fill a mixture containing cow dung powder, dry leaf crumbles, coir pith, bone mill, and neem cake powder to repel insects up to half of the pot. Then fix the plant in the center of the pot and fill it with potting mixture. The ideal mixture ratio is 4:2:1:2 of tile pieces, charcoal, sand, and dry leaf crumble.


Anthurium will flower throughout the year it does not have any flowering season. Scientifically anthurium flowers are not fowler but it is inflorescences, this called spadix (wick like part of flower ), small flowers are arranged over spadix. At the base of the spadix, a leaf-like part called spathe in various colours appears as the flower to us which is the main attraction to us. It is an easy-to-grow tropical cut flower it has high demand in the international flower market.


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