Tomato Farming in Grow Bags

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Tomato Farming Methods –

Methods for Farming Tomato in Grow Bags follows – Tomato seeds are very small they are transplanted crops i.e. grown in a nursery bed it is planted in the field. When we do grow bag farming take one bag fill it with growing media and keep in shade. Irrigate the grow bag by water sprayer. Seeds can be purchased from the approved agency or can be extracted from the raw tomato.

Raw tomato method- cut tomato in transverse section squeeze out the seeds and sow in a grow bag filled with media keep grow bag in shade, wet the bag every day with a spray of water. The pulp of the tomato will get decayed and the seed will start germination 9th day onwards and it will be ready for transplanting to grow bags in 20 to 25 days.

Potting mix preparation for Grow bag farming

The success of grow bag farming depends on many factors one of the main factors is planting media used for the cultivation of plants. Media mix requirements vary according to the species of plant. In general, a mixture consists of 2:1:1 of soil, sand /coir, and compost/dry cow dung. Preparation of soil- it is better to sieve the soil to remove large stones or sharp objects in the soil as it damages the grow bags. It is better to take read soil with good organic matter. Soil is the main part of the medium it will act as a storehouse of nutrients for the growth of plants. Sand it is added to ensure proper drainage and to reuse the compaction of soil if sand is not available it can be substituted with coir pith. The addition of sand or coir pith will improve the soil texture and it will help in the root development.

Compost or dry cow dung will improve the organic matter in the soil and the best source of essential nutrients for the growth of plants.Solarization of Grow bag Potting mix-It is a method of using sunlight to sterilize the potting media used for grow bag farming by this bacteria, insects, nematodes, and the seed of weed in the potting mix will get perished. Soil solarization used in seedbed method vegetable cultivation. For solarization to harvest solar energy potting mix will be made into a heap covered with a transparent polyethylene cover for 15 to30 days under the sun in an open ground. with 2:1:1 ratio consisting of soil, coir pith/sand; compost


watering is given every day in the form of spray or drip or wick irrigation to avoid direct pouring of water as it causes the splash erosion of media from the bags. Stake the plants if needed.


Apply organic fertilizers like dry cow dung powder, diluted biogas slurry, diluted cows urine, vermiwash, vermicompost.


Tomato will be ready to harvest after 90 days onwards.

Pest and control-

Pest Control Measure
White Fly Spray Garlic emulsion (2%)
Fruit borer Spray Neem seed Kernel extract (5%)
Serpentine leaf miner Spray neem oil –garlic emulsion (2%) before 8’O clock in the morning
Nematode Proper solarization of media before filling the bags, other
Diseases Control measure
Leaf spot Spray Bordeaux mixture (1%) or spray Pseudomonas fluorescens (2%)
Leaf curl virus Spray neem-based insecticides to control the vector or spray Pseudomonas fluorescens (2%)

These are the best tomato farming practices in grow bags

Source –POP of KAU (Organic)


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